CEO/Board Columns

Our commitment to you

    Baldwin EMC CEO Karen Moore At the end of each October, families across the country pick out pumpkins and dress in costumes to prepare for trick-or-treats and fall festivities, officially marking the start of the holiday season. Here at Baldwin EMC, our celebrating starts early and spans the entire month as we join cooperatives from […]

    Member engagement saves co-ops

      From the Board of Trustees Baldwin EMC is a member-owned, member-governed cooperative. When the co-op was founded back in 1937, members of the community knew that we were a locally owned business – likely because they or someone they knew played a part in helping organize the cooperative. Over time as the novelty of receiving […]

      Save napkins: mentor a millennial

        Baldwin EMC CEO Karen Moore You can call them Generation Y, Millennials, or any other name you choose. Whatever term you use, you’ll probably agree they haven’t been given a good reputation in the mainstream media. They’re often featured in articles with headlines like “Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation,” or “Millennials And ‘Their Destruction […]

        The path to efficiency independence

          From the Board of Trustees While fireworks and Independence Day parades are synonymous with the Fourth of July, no such fanfare comes to mind when discussing energy efficiency. Perhaps it should. If you think about it, energy efficiency not only benefits individuals and families, but the country as a whole. Energy efficiency combined with energy […]

          Lives on the Line

            Baldwin EMC CEO Karen Moore It’s been 54 years since a tragic accident cut Mitchell Johnson’s life way too short as he worked on a Baldwin EMC power pole. He was a young lineman and a good one I’m told. He had a wife and a young son and a great deal of promise in […]

            Safety awareness is our responsibility

              Baldwin EMC Board of Trustees This month, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the importance of safety. May is Electrical Safety Month, and Baldwin EMC will be sharing safety tips and reminders throughout the pages of this issue of Alabama Living to help raise awareness about the dangers of electricity. You can […]

              The glow of a million lights

                Baldwin EMC CEO Karen Moore I recently read the results of a study that indicate the old saying is true – you really are only as old as you feel. The research done by a team of scientists concluded that people who feel younger than they actually are have a better life expectancy overall. If […]

                A solid investment in your electric co-op

                  Baldwin EMC Board of Trustees As a member of Baldwin EMC, you make an investment in your co-op every time you pay your bill. This collective investment in the co-op benefits you and the community immediately and over time. So what exactly is this and how do you benefit from it? The basic service charge […]

                  A machine could never replace a Mary

                    Baldwin EMC CEO Karen Moore In a day and age when Baldwin EMC’s members have several options for paying their bills that don’t require them to come into the co-op’s offices, people still lined up to see Mary. They would talk to her about the hard times behind them and the better days they were […]

                    The Changing Role of a Member

                      Baldwin EMC Board of Trustees It’s an exciting time to be a part of rural America. According to a recent report issued by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), rural America is on the brink of a resurgence. While the recession of the mid-2000s didn’t exactly spare any part of the country, rural areas, […]

                      A co-op style Christmas carol

                        Baldwin EMC CEO Karen Moore I love getting into the holiday spirit – decorating the Christmas tree, exchanging presents and coming together with family to remember the reason for the season. Since I won’t have time to go caroling at each of your homes, please allow me to use this month’s column to offer a […]

                        From the front lines to power lines

                          Baldwin EMC Board of Trustees Electric co-ops have long had a special place in their hearts for veterans. Perhaps because they are both so closely aligned in outlook, focusing on service, mission and country. Maybe it’s because a large percentage of veterans come from rural communities and return to their hometowns following active duty. Or, […]