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Never worry about messy charcoal or empty propane tanks again! Baldwin EMC offers a variety of electric grills and smokers to fit your family’s outdoor barbeque needs. Electric grills are easy to maintain and help food retain its original flavor. And they also heat right up so you don’t have to wait for the right temperature to cook.

Listed below are the models and prices (do not include tax) of the electric grills we have available for your safety, convenience and enjoyment. For more information about our selection of electric grills, call our Energy Marketing Specialists at (251) 989-6247.

MECO Electric Grills

Stainless Steel Water Smoker
$189.05 + tax

Black Electric Water Smoker
$88.62 + tax

Deluxe Cart Electric Grill
$155.40 + tax
$176.64 + tax w/Rotisserie

Lock & Go Portable Grill
$68.54 + tax

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