2020 Annual Meeting

We hope to see you on Thursday, November 5, 2020, for our Annual Meeting! PLEASE NOTE NEW LOCATION at the Baldwin County Coliseum! With its 40,000-square-foot expo hall, the Coliseum will allow ample room for social distancing guidelines to be met during the meeting.

Chief Executive Officer Karen Moore and Board President Peggy Vanover Barnes will address the membership. Attendees will also be placed into drawings for bill credit giveaways!

All members who vote either by mail or in person will receive a $5 credit on their electric bill.

Every effort will be made to ensure proper health and safety guidelines are followed. Members are asked to wear a face covering and practice social distancing during the meeting. Sanitizing stations will also be available.

Just a reminder: All Baldwin EMC members as of September 17, 2020, are eligible to vote. Mail ballots must be returned by November 2 in order to be counted in the election. Members who prefer to vote in person may cast their ballot at the Annual Meeting on November 5.

Your Board Trustee Nominees:

Robert J. Kaiser
Trustee Nominee – District 5
Nominated by Committee

Robert J. Kaiser, incumbent trustee for District 5, has served on the Baldwin EMC Board of Trustees since 2011. Since his election to the Board, he has earned the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate, NRECA Board Leadership Certificate and the Director Gold Certificate.

Mr. Kaiser grew up on a family farm in Baldwin County and graduated from Foley High School. After graduation he worked five years at farming while attending Southwest State Technical College and received his degree in electronics technology.

Mr. Kaiser began his career with the Boeing Company working in engineering. He then worked as a Broadcast Engineer and earned a first class radiotelephone license from The Federal Communications Commission. In 1978 he joined Alabama Power Company at Barry Steam Plant as a control technician, instructor and manager of outside contractors. In 1990 Mr. Kaiser retired from the power company. In 1993, he joined Gulf Telephone Company as a telephone engineer.

Mr. Kaiser is married to Dianne Epperson Kaiser and has three sons, six granddaughters and two great-grandsons. He is a member of Vernant Park Baptist Church, a deacon and member of several other committees. He is also a member of the Gideons International.

I have been honored to serve on the Board of Trustees the past nine years, and appreciate your confidence in my ability.

I have worked with the other Trustees and management to keep our co-op strong and to continue providing reliable, affordable electricity. Our vision of being the leader as a member-focused, efficient and community-involved cooperative is a reality today, thanks to the dedication and hard work of your Board, management and employees.

The electric utility industry faces many challenges and changes in the coming years and I believe my prior experience in the utility industry has given me unique qualifications for helping guide the cooperative. During the next three years, I will continue to use this knowledge and experience to help make Baldwin EMC a cooperative that meets and rises above the challenges of the future.

Thank you for your vote and support.

Jimmy A. Lafoy
Trustee Nominee – District 7
Nominated by Committee

Jimmy A. LaFoy is the incumbent trustee for District 7 and is currently the Board’s secretary/treasurer. He has served on Baldwin EMC’s Board of Trustees since 2009 and is an NRECA Credentialed Cooperative Director. Mr. LaFoy has also earned the NRECA Board Leadership Certificate.

Mr. LaFoy holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration with a major in accounting from the University of Alabama. He is a Certified Public Accountant and has owned and operated an accounting practice for 50 years. His office is located in Gulf Shores, Ala., where he has conducted business and been a permanent resident for the past 18 years.

In addition to serving on the Baldwin EMC board, Mr. LaFoy has been very active in business and civic organizations throughout his career. He has served on the boards of Farmers National Bank of Opelika, Ala., and First American Bank of Decatur, Ala., and presently serves on the Board of Directors of Southern States Bank of Anniston, Ala., where he is also a founding organizer. Additionally, Mr. LaFoy serves on the Board of Directors of National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation. He is a member of the Alabama Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce and the Alabama Society of Certified Accountants, where he also served a term as President. Mr. LaFoy also served on the Council of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for four years.

Mr. LaFoy is married to Shirley Bradford LaFoy, and has two children and four grandchildren. He attends and is a member of First Baptist Church of Gulf Shores.

I consider it an honor to have been your elected representative on the Board of Trustees of Baldwin Electric Membership Corporation for the past 11-1/2 years. My experience and education has enabled me to make decisions that are beneficial to the cooperative, our members, and employees. Working and training with other leaders in the electric industry has enhanced my education and experience in the operations of the cooperative model of business.

I view my job as board member to make sound financial decisions regarding the operations of the corporation, its members, and its employees, to provide reliable service at the most affordable cost possible.

I am knowledgeable regarding our local issues, as well as national and international concerns, and I’ve had time to develop and maintain relationships with leaders throughout the electric industry. I feel that my 50 years of business experience, along with being a CPA, will be beneficial as I serve on the Board of Trustees.

I ask that you honor me with your vote to continue serving as your District 7 Trustee for Baldwin EMC. As your representative, I’m as close as your telephone or computer for any questions or information regarding your cooperative.

Stephen (Melvin) Lowdermilk
Trustee Nominee – District 7
Nominated by Petition

Stephen (Melvin) Lowdermilk attended Whitehaven High School in Memphis, Tenn., and graduated with a B.A. in public relations and advertising from the University of Memphis in 1975. Mr. Lowdermilk is a Vietnam veteran and served in the United States Marine Corps from 1967 to 1971, when he was honorably discharged.

In 1984, Mr. Lowdermilk formed Modern Surgical, Inc., an independent manufacturers’ representative organization specializing in the sales and technical service of orthopedic medical devices. The devices include adult reconstruction, spine, biologics, trauma, foot and ankle. The company has recently been a pioneer in bringing robotic assisted total knee surgery to Baldwin County.

Additionally, Mr. Lowdermilk formed Modern Environmental Sales and Service (MESS) in 2013 to introduce a less invasive method to eliminate mold, viral and bacterial issues that threaten our health and the indoor environment. He still enjoys the evolutionary developments and technological changes that make our lives better.

Since 1992, Mr. Lowdermilk has enjoyed living in Gulf Shores, which he believes is truly one of the most beautiful resort areas in the United States.

Handling growth for Baldwin County and its diverse communities will always be a rigorous challenge for our community leaders. God bless them for giving us their time and effort to help make our slice of the world a better place to live.

I am NOT a politician, but I do feel the need to be involved with the challenges that affect you and our community. My service can best be accomplished as a member of the Board of Trustees of Baldwin EMC.

The medical device industry is transitioning from conventional diagnostic and surgical techniques to robotic and high-tech methods. We are experiencing the same evolution in transportation and energy. Gas-powered engines are giving way to electric-powered vehicles. This transition alone will be creating a web of uncomfortable challenges that will be seriously affecting your pocketbook. State gas tax revenues, for instance, will decline as electric vehicle use surges. Where will the road repair revenue come from? Can we make renewable energy work for the consumer? Is it possible to reduce your residential electric bill and drive your electric car 400 miles on a $10 fill-up?

Help me help you make it a win-win for everyone. I will keep you informed. Let me hear from you as we move forward to improve our lifestyle.