A Critical Lesson

CEO Karen Moore

Last week, I read an article that broke my heart. A young man, just 17 years old, ran off the road while driving and collided with a power pole. He survived the impact of the crash, but lost his life due to an electrocution. According to news reports, his family believes he came into contact with an energized power line as he tried to exit his car.

Over my 18 years with Baldwin EMC, I’ve listened to quite a few of the safety presentations we give to local students. Teaching them what to do if they find themselves in a similar situation as this young man is one of our top priorities.

However, it occurred to me that this lesson can’t be overstated. And while our focus is on educating young people, there may be many adults who don’t know the steps they should take in this scenario.

With that in mind, I’m devoting my space in this month’s issue of Alabama Living to reinforce this message.

Please hold on to this page. Store it in your vehicle or attach it to your refrigerator. Take a picture of it with your phone and text it to those you care about. Share it on social media or distribute it at your next homeowner’s association meeting.

Help us prevent another tragedy by helping us spread the word to your community.

If you are in an accident and a power line lands on your vehicle, remember, an energized line also electrifies your vehicle and the ground around it. Follow these steps to stay safe:
1. Stay in the vehicle and call 9-1-1.
2. Tell those inside the vehicle not to get out, and warn those outside not to approach.
3. If the vehicle catches on fire and you have to exit, open a door and carefully stand at the edge of the doorway.
4. Place your arms across your chest and your feet close together, then jump out without touching the vehicle.
5. Land so both of your feet hit the ground at the same time, then hop or shuffle away with your feet still on the ground.
6. Keep going until you are a safe distance away from the vehicle.

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