A salute to the heroes behind the heroes

CEO Karen Moore

It’s no secret that a lineworker’s job is tough – it’s a job that’s essential and must be done, often in challenging conditions. This month, as we celebrate Lineworker Appreciation Day on April 18, Baldwin EMC has a few special events planned to honor our linemen.

In the space I’m privileged to have here, I’d also like to salute a different group of people: the unsung heroes of Baldwin EMC’s line crews.

First, I’d like to give my applause to the moms and dads of Baldwin EMC’s linemen. Raising children is never easy. Raising kids who don’t mind hard work, who believe in the value of mastering a trade, and who aren’t afraid to answer a call that many others aren’t willing to, is even harder. And you all did a fine job of it. That’s exactly the caliber of men who make up our line crews. And our co-op is all the better for it.

Next, I’d like to salute the spouses of our linemen. You chose a relationship with someone in this line of work, knowing it would never be an easy road. During severe weather events that bring major power outages, your husbands are among the first ones called. They leave the comfort of home and your families at a moment’s notice, and they don’t return until the job is done, sometimes many hours later. Outage calls can come in the middle of the night or in the middle of dinner, and those calls can’t be ignored, even when they’re inconvenient. Co-op linemen also hit the road after natural disasters happen in other parts of the country, sometimes leaving for weeks at a time to help others in need. This is why, as the spouse who stays behind, you must be just as willing to make sacrifices for their service.

And how about those little ones (and a few who used to be little but grew up)? I’m sure there have been times when your dad had to work instead of coming to your baseball game. Or maybe he had to leave in the middle of Sunday church or Thanksgiving dinner. While I know you’re always proud of the work he does, you’ve had to make sacrifices, also. So, I’m thankful for you, too.

And last, but certainly not least, our linemen are the first to point out that they couldn’t do the work they do without the other members of the Baldwin EMC team. Everyone from member service representatives taking phone calls, to mechanics working on vehicles, to warehousemen managing supplies and many others, plays a vital role in supporting the work our line crews do every day.

So, while our linemen are our first line of defense, and always worth celebrating, there are many more lines backing them up. They are the heroes behind the heroes and a vital part of this cooperative’s success. I salute you all.

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