Baldwin EMC Crews to Assist Florida Co-op in Power Restoration

Nine Baldwin EMC employees departed for Florida today to help restore power following severe storms that tore across the Southeast this weekend. The crews will assist Talquin Electric Cooperative, who reported 22,000 meters without power at the height of the storm.

The Baldwin EMC crews, including four construction crews and a mechanic, left Monday morning at 8:45 a.m. from the co-op’s Summerdale headquarters. The men packed food, water and other necessary items to last approximately seven days.

Talquin Electric Membership Corporation is headquartered 35 miles northwest of Tallahassee in Quincy, Fla. The cooperative serves approximately 53,000 accounts across a four-county, 2,600 square mile service territory.

Baldwin EMC is part of a nationwide network of electric cooperatives that help each other in times of natural disasters. Baldwin EMC has provided assistance numerous times to other cooperatives across the southeast following hurricanes, tornadoes and ice storms.

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