Baldwin EMC Members Targeted by Phone Scammers

Once again, Baldwin EMC representatives are issuing an urgent warning to the cooperative’s members about phone scammers, which are active in our area. The alert follows recent reports of members being contacted by someone demanding money and claiming to represent Baldwin EMC.

“In one instance, the scammer had the technology to make the Baldwin EMC phone number and Summerdale location appear in the Caller ID window of the member’s phone,” says Baldwin EMC Vice President of Financial Services Alan Schott. “Unfortunately, we also know of a case in which a member made a substantial payment to a scammer after being told their power would be turned off if they did not pay. It is vital that our members be aware of these operations and mindful that if they ever receive a call demanding payment, to hang up and call us directly.”

Phone scams typically involve:
* Callers threatening power disconnection if payment is not received immediately;
* Callers asking members to pay via credit card, a prepaid debit card or wire transfer.

While Baldwin EMC does use phone contacts to communicate with members, they will not demand payment over the phone.

If you receive a call like this:
* Don’t give out any personal information or agree to make any payments.
* End the call as quickly as possible.
* Report it to Baldwin EMC by calling (251) 989-6247 or (800) 837-3374.