As of 6 a.m., Baldwin EMC announced it has restored power to 23,067 meters. This is approximately 88% of the total outages Baldwin EMC had as of Thursday morning following Hurricane Zeta. The cooperative now has 3,080 meters remaining without power due to Hurricane Zeta.

“We made tremendous progress yesterday and are ready to continue that momentum today,” says Mark Ingram, vice president of corporate services and public relations. “Now that almost all circuits are restored, our focus today and tomorrow will be on single-phase taps and individual outages. We are optimistic that the restoration process will be completed at some point Saturday.”


  • North of Interstate 10: 3,716 total meters restored, 2,122 meters without power, 1 circuit out
  • Between Interstate 10 and U.S. Highway 98 going east/west: 8,186 total meters restored, 816 meters without power, all circuits restored
  • South of U.S. Highway 98: 11,165 total meters restored, 142 meters without power, all circuits restored

Baldwin EMC’s offices are closed until further notice as employees work to restore power.

 OUTAGE REPORTING LINE: Baldwin EMC members who need to report an outage should call (251) 989-6247 or (800) 837-3374. Outages can also be reported by texting Outage to 85700. (Members who are not already subscribed to the co-op’s outage texting service can sign up by texting Baldwin to 85700.)

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