Baldwin EMC Receives Wonderful Response to Annual Power of Giving Drive

Baldwin EMC hosted its 15th annual Power of Giving drive on Thursday, Nov. 12, and the event’s organizers are calling it a great success.

LifeSouth Community Blood Center was on site early Thursday morning and collected a total of 76 donations, which will help save up to 228 lives in our local community.

Mark Ingram, Baldwin EMC’s vice president of corporate services and public relations, says the accomplishments of the Power of Giving drive is one of the most significant ways Baldwin EMC shows its commitment to the community, but without donors, it would not have been successful.

“Between the pandemic and the hurricanes, this has been a year of challenges,” Ingram said. “But this year has also shined the light on the heroes in our community. The blood drive is one more way our everyday heroes reveal themselves. It’s about neighbors helping neighbors, with every single donation of blood staying right here in our local community and saving up to three lives. Donating blood is truly a selfless gift and we are grateful to all the individuals who gave so generously to this cause.”

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