Casey Byrnes – Robertsdale, AL

It’s been said in books, songs and movies. There’s no place like home. After six years of living away from hers, Casey Byrnes decided coming back was the right move for her.

Byrnes was born and raised in Baldwin County and is a 2007 graduate of Robertsdale High School, where she was active in sports like softball and volleyball.

When it came time to attend college, Byrnes set her sights on the University of West Alabama in Livingston, Ala. where she earned a bachelor’s degree in biology. Her time there was followed by two and half years in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., where she attended Nova Southeastern University (NSU).

After graduating from NSU and becoming a certified physician assistant (PA), Byrnes made the decision to move back home. “I didn’t know if I would come home. But after six years of only coming home for short visits, I was excited to be close to family and friends again,” she said.

After making the decision to move back to Baldwin County, it didn’t take Byrnes long to make another big decision. She purchased her very first home last September. While Byrnes admits homeownership has come with its share of challenges, she says it’s been fun to make the house her own.

Byrnes currently works as a PA at an urgent care clinic in Daphne and part-time at Thomas Hospital in Fairhope. The hours can be long, but the work is rewarding. “Some days, everyone comes in with sniffles. Other days it’s more complicated things,” she says. “It’s really enjoyable, especially when you see people afterwards and they’re so appreciative that you were able to help them.”

In her free time, Byrnes plays volleyball with the Tropics Volleyball leagues and helps out with the Robertsdale High School softball team. When the weather is nice, it’s not uncommon to find her on a long bike ride around places like downtown Fairhope. “I really love being outdoors, and I’m excited the weather is getting warmer,” she says.

Byrnes’ next steps? Buying some property, getting married and starting a family, all of which she hopes to do right here in her home sweet home of Baldwin County.

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