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October is National Co-op Month

CEO Karen Moore Fall is a busy time, and October is a particularly eventful month with school, community and sports […]

The Power of Preparation

Baldwin EMC Board of Trustees Baldwin County is growing. That’s no secret. And most of the growth we’re currently experiencing […]

A Critical Lesson

CEO Karen Moore Last week, I read an article that broke my heart. A young man, just 17 years old, […]

Leaving it better than he found it

Baldwin EMC Board of Trustees If you read Jimmy LaFoy’s trustee biography, you’d know about his 50 year career owning […]

Giving Dads Their Due

CEO Karen Moore As we prepare to celebrate Father’s Day this month, it’s occurred to me that those of us […]

Sensible Environmental Solutions

CEO Karen Moore Protecting the environment is as simple as recycling your waste, turning faucets off while you’re brushing your […]

Our principles, your rights

Baldwin EMC Board of Trustees When you applied for service with Baldwin EMC, the forms you signed probably didn’t look […]

People Powered

CEO Karen Moore We’ve spent the past 85 years providing electricity to the people of Baldwin and southern Monroe Counties. […]

You are a gift to us

CEO Karen Moore ‘Tis the season for gift giving. For remembering the things that matter most to us. For taking […]

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