Category: Scam Alerts

Don’t be scammed!

While you might not be able to avoid receiving fraudulent calls, you can avoid falling victim to the scams they attempt. How?
By following these general rules:

• Don’t trust the caller ID. Scammers utilize technology that can make their phone number appear to be something it isn’t. So just because the number matches up to the business or organization they claim to represent, or just because it’s a local area code, doesn’t mean it’s legitimate.

• Ask to verify the call. If you get a phone call from someone claiming to be from a company you do business with, or from a government office, tell them you need to verify. Hang up and call the company or office directly and ask if the call was legit.

• Don’t give out any private information. If you’re being forced to provide private information, such as credit card or bank account numbers, that’s a big red flag.

• Report robocalls. The recorded sales pitches on the other end of the phone line are illegal. Hang up immediately and notify the Federal Trade Commission at

Please be aware that Baldwin EMC will not demand payment by phone, prepaid card or wire transfer. If you receive a call demanding such payment to prevent your power from being disconnected, this is a scam. Hang up and call Baldwin EMC at (251) 989-6247 or (800) 837-3374.