You don’t have to be a lineman (but you can be)

Baldwin EMC CEO Karen Moore

When you think of an employee of Baldwin EMC what comes to mind? For most people, it’s probably the green pants, tan shirt and white hardhat of a lineman. You probably picture someone in a bucket truck or at the foot of a power pole working with high voltage electricity.

While linemen are certainly an integral part of our team at Baldwin EMC, they only make up about 34 percent of our workforce. The other 66 percent is made up of accountants, mechanics, network administrators, member service clerks, public relations specialists, engineers and meter technicians among many other positions.

Simply put, it takes a lot of different people from a lot of different backgrounds doing a lot of different jobs to keep Baldwin EMC running and your electricity flowing.

Over the next several years, Baldwin EMC, like many corporations across the United States, will see a major shift in our professional landscape. We’re already noticing this change, as our resident Baby Boomer Generation moves into retirement, creating job opportunities in various areas throughout the co-op.

If you’ve ever considered changing your career, or if you’re the parent of a young person still trying to carve out his or her path, let me assure you, a career with an electric co-op is something that will always feel like more than just another job.

Electric co-ops have a strong commitment to the communities we serve. Important decisions are made locally with input from a democratically elected board of trustees whose interest is the greater good of those we serve. We are proud to give back to our community through employee volunteer efforts and co-op events like our Power of Giving drive.

We’re also constantly growing and evolving. Technology is changing how energy is generated and distributed through the electric grid to homes and businesses. These changes have brought new challenges and opportunities to electric co-op employees working to keep pace with the developing landscape.

When I first started my career with electric utilities after college, I wasn’t a supervisor or manager. I was an assistant. As a recent graduate with a degree in marketing, it wasn’t necessarily the position I wanted, but getting my foot in the door was more important than getting a title. After two decades of twists and turns, I’m glad my career brought me back to cooperatives. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

Whether you’re ready to start your career or make a career change, take a closer look at electric cooperatives – we’re located in 47 states, and of course, we’re right here at home.
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