Baldwin EMC is a not-for-profit electric cooperative, organized for the purpose of providing electrical and other energy-related services to our members.

Security Deposits and Fees

Click here for complete information on Security Deposits and Fees.

Security Deposits and Fees

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How to Apply

To apply, simply choose the type of application you need, download the form, fill in the blanks and return to us in person, by mail or fax. (Note: We must have your signature to process your application.)

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Prepay Power

With Prepay Power, you can pay how much you want, when you want. Unlike Baldwin EMC’s traditional billing methods, Prepay Power does not require a member deposit. Find out more about Prepay Power here.

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Joint Membership

Any two persons, including a husband and wife, may apply for a joint membership. If you are applying for new service, having both signatures on the application makes your membership joint. If you already have an existing account and would like to add a joint applicant to your account, please use the form below.

Why Consider a Joint Membership

A joint membership entitles either person to participate as an active member of Baldwin EMC. Anytime you wish to take advantage of membership privileges, you must be listed as a legal member. This includes participating in the annual meeting, which gives you the opportunity to vote on matters before the meeting and to be eligible for prizes that will be given away.

Download a Joint Membership Form

Here’s What You Need to Get Started

  • The meter number at the location where you need power turned on, plus your account number if you currently have service with Baldwin EMC.
  • A completed and signed application: Download and print an application, then mail, fax, or deliver your completed application to one of our offices.
  • Required security deposits and fees: Click here to view details about deposits and fees.
  • The physical address (911 address) of the property. If you don’t know the physical address, contact the Baldwin County Emergency Response 911 Center at 947-5911, 947-3911, 937-7941, or 928-5928.
  • An electrical permit from the appropriate inspection department, city or county, may be required if you are connecting a mobile home. Contact your local building inspector for more information.

Get In Touch With Us

If you have questions about joining Baldwin EMC, or any other comments or concerns, we’re here for you! Reach out today, and let us help.

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