New work orders with all completed paperwork and necessary permits are assigned to a staking technician who will take your new property through the work order process:

Service Entrance Wiring
You and your electrical contractor are responsible for installing the service entrance wiring at your new location. Click here for wiring specifications. Notify our office when your wiring is complete.

Work Order Staking
The staking technician will visit your site, inspect the service entrance wiring and draw up a work order for the installation of electrical service and the installation of a meter. In some situations, the technician will need to meet with you at the site. If that is the case, the staking technician will call you to make an appointment. The technician will calculate any applicable line extension fees for your new service. When the staking is complete, the work order is forwarded to the construction department for scheduling.

Easement Form
If Baldwin EMC needs to install a power line across another person’s property to reach your property, we must have a notarized right of way easement from the owner of the property that we are crossing. Download this Electric Right of Way Easement Form and have it completed by the property owner. Then return it to our engineering department.

Line Construction
The construction foreman schedules all jobs on a first-come, first-served basis according to area to maximize the efficiency of our work crews and to get your power connected as quickly as possible.

Meter Set
When our construction crew has connected the service wiring to your service entrance, they will install a meter and turn the power on. If no one is home, they will usually leave the main outside breaker in the “off” position.

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