GenerLink™ FAQ

  • Do I need a generator in order to use GenerLink™?

    Yes. GenerLink™ is an interconnection device that enables you to connect your portable generator directly to your home’s wiring system. During a power outage, your generator becomes your source of emergency back-up power. GenerLink™ is designed as an alternative to expensive transfer switches and hazardous extension cords.

  • What size generator do I need?

    You will want a generator that can run the largest appliances and motors you will need during an outage. You can always run other smaller appliances by rotating them on and off as necessary. GenerLink™ is designed to be compatible with a 30-amp connector. GenerLink™ is not rated to be compatible with larger current outputs and will electronically disconnect if you are generating outputs larger than 30-amps. For additional information visit

  • How do I connect GenerLink™ to my generator?

    GenerLink™ is equipped with a 30 amp GenerLok™ cord. Move your generator into position to be connected to GenerLink™. Using the GenerLok™ power cord, insert the four-blade plug on the connecting cord into the outlet on the generator. Plug the GenerLok™ power cord into GenerLink™ by locating the “thumb guide” on the GenerLok™ connector. Align the “thumb guide” with the front of the GenerLink™ receptacle. Insert the connector; there will be a snapping sound when the connector locks in place.

  • What if my generator connector does not have a locking 14-30 connector?

    Some generators are fitted with connectors that are not 14-30. Consult with BEMC to determine if your generator can be used to connect with GenerLink™.

  • How is GenerLink™ different from a transfer switch?

    GenerLink™ offers several advantages over traditional transfer switches:

      1. GenerLink™ is installed outside your home at the electric meter providing easy access to your generator. Installation of a transfer switch may require re-wiring  your home’s electric system.
      2. With GenerLink™, you have the flexibility of selecting the appliances you want to run from your home’s breaker panel, up to the capacity of your generator. Most basic transfer switches have 6 to 8 hard-wired circuits. This limits the number of circuits you can connect to the transfer switch.
      3. Since GenerLink™ uses your existing breaker panel, you can run any large 120 or 240-volt appliance up to your generator’s capacity. Your well pump, water heater, sump pump, electric range,and clothes dryer are just some of the appliances that can be run on a rotation basis with GenerLink™. Many transfer switches and sub panels have only one or two 240-volt circuits rated at 15 or 20-amps. Heavier loads, such as hot water heaters and electric ranges, may not be accommodated by these transfer switches and sub panels.
  • Is there any potential for damage to my appliances?

    GenerLink™ is designed to function as an interconnection device and serves to connect your generator to your home. There is no risk of damage to your appliances created by the GenerLink™ device. You should exercise care when selecting your generator to ensure you are buying a high quality generator.

  • What happens when the utility power is restored and my generator is operating through GenerLink™?

    Your generator continues to power your home until you turn it off. Once you turn off your generator, GenerLink™ will automatically switch your home back to utility power. GenerLink™ has a built-in safety feature that prevents back feeding the generator’s power into the utility lines, eliminating hazardous conditions for you and for utility service personnel.

  • What maintenance is required for GenerLink™?

    There is no regular maintenance required for GenerLink™. However, it is recommended that you test your generator every 15-30 days.

  • Does my utility meter continue to run when using GenerLink™ with my generator?

    No, your utility meter will only run when the utility is providing electric power to your home. When using GenerLink™, with your portable generator, you are automatically disconnected from the utility power supply and will not reconnect until you turn off your generator.

  • How can I tell when the utility power is restored?

    There are three indicator lights on GenerLink™, one green, one yellow, and one red.

      1. When the green light is illuminated, this represents a normal condition where utility power is present. When your utility has restored power you can de-energize and disconnect your generator from GenerLink™.
      2. When the yellow light is illuminated, this indicates that the household load is greater than 30 amps. It is normal for the yellow status light to be illuminated while utility power is present. The load must be reduced by turning off circuit breakers before the GenerLink™ unit can be operated with a generator.
      3. If the red light is illuminated at any time or in conjunction with the green light, there is a potential problem and you should have the unit serviced immediately. (Refer to the Terms and Conditions for service instructions)
  • What happens if the generator gets overloaded?

    Your generator should have a circuit breaker that will activate in the event of an overload. If it does not have this feature, it is not suitable for use with GenerLink™. If the generator’s circuit breaker trips, turn off all the household circuit breakers in your breaker panel, reset the circuit breaker on the generator, and restart the generator. Please refer to your generator owner’s manual for complete instructions on the safe operation of your generator.

  • Where should the generator be placed?

    Remember: generator exhaust gases contain deadly carbon monoxide. The generator should never be operated inside; this includes basements, crawl spaces, and/or attached garages. Please consult your generator owner’s manual for complete instructions on the safe location for and operation of your generator.

  • What happens if I want GenerLink™ removed from my home?

    To remove, replace, or repair your GenerLink™, you must contact BEMC. Only BEMC technicians have access to GenerLink™. Do not, under any conditions, attempt to remove and/or repair GenerLink™ yourself.

  • Why can’t I run my whole house from a portable generator?

    The appliances in the average home consume relatively low amounts of electricity to operate once they are started.  However, many of them require a significant amount of electricity to start up the appliances.  Please review the appliance guide to determine the start-up wattage required for individual appliances.

  • Can I use GenerLink™ during inclement weather?

    GenerLink™ is completely sealed inside the meter socket and does not represent a hazard.  However, generators should not be operated during rain or snow unless they are protected from the elements.  Please consult your generator manufacturer, distributor and/or owner’s manual for instructions on the safe operation of your generator.

  • What is a power cord?

    A power cord consists of a standard GenerLok™ connector that will attach to GenerLink™, a four wire, 10 gauge, heavy duty, outdoor rated, water-resistant wire and an appropriate NEMA connector for your generator.  Your generator may have a 20-amp or 30-amp, 120/240-volt output that will require a 20-amp or 30-amp NEMA connector.  The length of the power cord should be as close to the actual measured distance from the meter to the generator as possible in order to maintain your generator’s power quality.

  • What is GenerLok™?

    GenerLok™ is a unique fitted connector, exclusively available for GenerLink™.  GenerLok™ allows you to plug your generator directly into GenerLink™ without needing a separate interconnection box.  GenerLok™ easily connects to GenerLink™ and locks the power cord safely in place when GenerLink™ is being used.

  • What happens if the member is currently using Baldwin EMC surge equipment?

    The GenerLink™ will replace the surge device. The GenerLink™ has HomeGuard surge built into the unit.

  • What amp service can the GenerLink™ be installed?

    200 amp or less. The GenerLink™ is not available for 320 or 400 amp service.