Green Power Choice

Green Power Choice offers our members the option of purchasing blocks of power generated from methane gas, a renewable resource.

This program gives our members a simple way to support renewable energy by purchasing blocks of green power from Baldwin EMC. Green power is available in 100-kilowatt hour blocks. Your first five blocks will cost $2 each, and it’s just 15 cents for every block after that. These charges are in addition to your regular kilowatt-hour charge.

An example of the pricing is as follows:
100 kilowatt-hours (1 block) = $2.00
300 kilowatt-hours (3 blocks) = $6.00
500 kilowatt-hours (5 blocks) = $10.00
1000 kilowatt-hours (10 blocks) = $10.75
1500 kilowatt-hours (15 blocks) = $11.50
2000 kilowatt-hours (20 blocks) = $12.25
2500 kilowatt-hours (25 blocks) = $13.00
3000 kilowatt-hours (30 blocks) = $13.75

Buying two blocks of green power per month for a year equals recycling 480 lbs. of aluminum or 1,766 lbs. of newspaper.

Green Power Choice

Complete this form and click the Submit Form button to sign up for Green Power. By submitting this form I agree for the Green Power charges to be added to my Baldwin EMC bill in addition to my regular kilowatt-hour charge.