Kill A WattDo you know how much energy your appliances and electronics use?  Knowing how appliances and electronics measure up can help homeowners make good choices about how they use the items known to consume a large amount of electricity. That’s where the Kill A Watt comes in. With this new device, users will not only be able to tell what items use the most power in their home, but which ones might actually be wasting energy.

How to use the device:

1. Plug an appliance or electronic device into the Kill A Watt. (NOTE: The Kill A Watt cannot be used for appliances that run on more than 120 volts. If the appliance’s plug is too large to fit into the Kill A Watt, do not attempt to connect it.) Plug the Kill A Watt into an outlet. Press and hold the reset button to clear any previous readings stored on the device.

2. View all the various readings, such as the amount of kilowatt hours used or its operational cost per day, per month, or per year.

3. Pay close attention to if and how the readings change when the device plugged into the Kill A Watt is turned off. If the kilowatt hour and cost readings continue to increase, that could mean the device is consuming power even when it’s not on. If possible, those devices need to be unplugged when not in use.

After using the Kill A Watt, you’ll have a good idea of what appliances and electronics are using the most energy and which ones are actually wasting power. Knowing your usage can help you make better choices about your energy use. Those better choices will help you save money.

How to get one:

Members can call 251.989.6247 and ask to speak with an Energy Marketing Specialist.

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