Outdoor Lighting

Need more outside lighting at night? We will install and maintain an outdoor light on an existing Baldwin EMC pole in your yard for a moderate installation charge and a small monthly fee. Several different sizes and wattage of lights are available. Call (251) 989-6247 for details or to order, or submit our Outdoor Light Request Form.

Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs are our members’ newest option for outdoor lighting. The benefits of LED lighting include: energy-efficiency, durability in inclement weather, longer lifespan, reduced maintenance requirements, and light that stays downward, reducing light pollution.

Baldwin EMC has 50 Watt LED lights available for installation at the prices below:


Quality Outdoor Lighting Pricing Chart

150 Watt Sodium Outdoor Light
$7.70 per month
250 Watt Sodium Outdoor Light
$11.95 per month
100 Watt Sodium Outdoor Light
$6.50 per month
400 Watt Sodium Outdoor Light
$13.50 per month

We will also set a pole for an outdoor light at additional cost. Please call (251) 989-6247 for outdoor lighting line construction fees.

Outdoor Lighting Form

When completing the form below, please be sure to select the correct service you are requesting.
  • Please describe, as exactly as you can, the location of the outdoor light that needs repairing, or the exact place that you want to have the light installed.
  • If installing a new light, please tell us which direction you want the light to shine: north, south, east or west or towards the house, toward the barn, etc.
  • Please select the size and type of outdoor light you wish to have installed

Terms & Conditions: Lights obtained through this program are owned, maintained and operated by Baldwin EMC. Maintenance and replacement of lamps is scheduled during normal working hours Monday through Friday.

Due to government controls on energy consumption, Baldwin EMC can no longer offer mercury vapor outdoor lighting. However, we will continue to maintain or repair existing mercury vapor outdoor lights until our warehouse supply runs out.