If your electric bill is higher than you expected, you may not be using or maintaining energy efficient practices around the home. Our Home Energy Savings Guide can help you identify the causes of high energy use.

From inadequate insulation to inefficient appliances, the Home Energy Savings Guide highlights dozens of areas where you can save money. With a little work and dedication, you can implement a conservation strategy that may lower your power bill as much as 50%!

Download our Home Energy Savings guide PDF*, and start learning how you can save.

If you’ve followed the guide and still feel your bills are too high, or if you’d like help developing a custom energy savings plan, contact an energy marketing specialist at Baldwin EMC.

101 Energy Saving Tips
Fundamentals of Electricity
Geothermal Heat Pump information
Interactive Energy Home

*Downloading the form requires Adobe Reader; click here to download Adobe Reader for free.

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