Grant Brown – Gulf Shores, AL

A transplant to the gulf from Duluth, MN, Grant Brown loves the city he has called home since 1991. In fact, his love for Gulf Shores prompted him to take a job as the city’s recreational and cultural affairs director and public information officer. His work involves helping manage the city’s special events, programs, facilities, parks and recreation. He also coordinates media relations for the city, among several other tasks.

That sounds like a lot of work for one person. Luckily, Brown says he’s got a great team of managers that oversee the various departmental responsibilities. His job, he says, is to make sure they’re happy and staying on the same track. Although, he would hardly call his a job at all. “I love what I do, but I don’t look at it as a job. Every day I come to work is fun.”

Brown was first exposed to Gulf Shores as a young man. His grandfather built a house in the area in 1979 and used it as a winter residence. His parents later bought the house and Brown moved into it full time in 1991. Before taking his job with the city of Gulf Shores in 2009, he worked for more than a decade as a golf pro.

His work in the golfing world introduced him to the lady that would become his wife. The two met in Minnesota during a golf tournament in 1979. “She was playing…and I had to come over and make a ruling about one of her shots.” Brown says even though he didn’t rule in her favor, he eventually won her heart.

The Browns have one daughter, who will start her junior year of high school this fall. Family time for the trio is very important. When they’re not “chasing her around” basketball, volleyball and softball games, Brown says they do a lot of outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing and camping

“Small town, big beach,” is the new slogan for the city of Gulf Shores. But it’s also the reason why Brown says he loves the city. “It’s more than just a place to live. It’s really a community. It’s safe, comfortable and clean. And it’s a great place to raise kids and a great environment.