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What you pay every month on your electric bill doesn’t go to make a profit for someone else, but to provide a service you need.  Here’s a look at how your dollar is spent at Baldwin EMC.

Power Cost – 63.66%
Baldwin EMC purchases the power we deliver to your home or business. This portion of your bill covers the cost of that purchased power.

Depreciation and Taxes – 8.96%
Depreciation is the term used to refer to the cost of an asset over the span of several years. Baldwin EMC also pays yearly taxes to the cities and towns where we serve members.

Operations and Maintenance – 9.51%
This portion of what you pay covers our operational costs, like line work, repair and maintenance.

Administrative – 4.86%
This portion of your bill pays for administrative costs, including employee benefits, our safety program and building maintenance.

Interest – 2.78%
Baldwin EMC participates in a loan program from the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) and other banks. This percent of your bill is used to make interest payments on those loans.

Accounting – 3.46%
This portion covers the costs of handling members’ accounts, including taking bill payments, reading meters and answering calls.

Member Services – 1.5%
This small percentage of your bill makes it possible for us to provide member services outside of operations, such as educational publications, including this magazine.

Net Margins – 5.27%
This portion of your bill is retained in the form of capital credits, which provides a source of equity for Baldwin EMC. Whenever possible, these margins are refunded to members.

(Percentages reflect expenses from the 11 months ending Nov. 30, 2019.)

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