Hurricane Zeta Advisory: Safety Tips for Electric Service

Baldwin EMC is making final preparations for the arrival of Hurricane Zeta today. The co-op encourages the public to be aware of the following:

  • As the storm approaches, Baldwin EMC crews will continue to provide restoration service until weather conditions require them to stop for safety reasons.
  • Members who depend on electric-powered healthcare equipment should immediately seek alternative shelter or obtain a backup source of power for their equipment. While Baldwin EMC is committed to restoring power as quickly and safely as possible, it cannot guarantee uninterrupted service.
  • Members can expect to experience flickering lights as wind speed increases. Restoration efforts will continue as long as conditions are safe.
  • Stay away from fallen power lines. Assume that any line is conducting electricity. During the storm, call Baldwin EMC ONLY to report an emergency, such as downed, sparking power lines.
  • Baldwin EMC will begin damage assessment immediately following the storm, along with restoration of power.
  • Information about restoration efforts will be provided as soon as it is available. Again, call Baldwin EMC only to report emergencies.

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