Jason McDanal – Foley, AL

Jason McDanal is from a small town in Pickens County, Ala. He took a leap of faith 10 years ago and moved to Baldwin County to be a fire fighter with the Orange Beach Fire Department.

McDanal still works as a fireman and is also an EMT with Medstar. He said he chose this line of work because he didn’t want a desk job. He likes the thought of doing something different every day, but his main motivation for doing his job is because he loves helping people.

That love for helping others is what motivated him to become part of a movement that has touched many lives in Alabama.

McDanal’s mom had breast cancer, so when talk began about starting a chapter of the Guardians of the Ribbon for Lower Alabama amongst the Orange Beach fire fighters he wanted to be involved. He and many others who have volunteered with the Pink Heals program have touched countless lives in the last four years.

McDanal said, “When a fellow fireman’s wife was battling breast cancer, we wanted to step up and show our support. We have a brotherhood amongst our fellow fire fighters and we always try to support each other.”

But in four years, what started out as a pink fire truck and support for a fellow fireman has turned into something much greater.

The Guardians of the Ribbon make home visits to people who are battling or have survived cancer. They travel in their pink fire truck delivering T-shirts and teddy bears to people who have been touched by cancer. But more important than any material things, they deliver hugs and words of support and encouragement.

When McDanal isn’t working or volunteering with the Guardians of the Ribbon, he enjoys hunting, fishing and being outdoors. He especially loves spending time with his wife and 6 year old daughter.

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