LED Lucy Visits Local Schools, Sharing Ideas on Energy Conservation

LED LucyStudents in the second grade classes at Elberta Elementary were in for quite a treat this month when they received a surprise visit from LED Lucy. The energy saving mascot from Baldwin EMC helped share tips with the students about how they can play a role in energy conservation this summer.

“This is a fantastic and fun way to engage young students in our community about the benefits of energy conservation,” says Baldwin EMC Energy Marketing Specialist Kim Frank. “We try to help them brainstorm ways in which they can contribute to this effort. From quickly closing the door to the fridge when they grab a snack, to choosing an activity like swimming instead of TV and video games; it’s these small things that can add up to really make a big difference.”

Baldwin EMC introduced LED Lucy to a total of 7 schools and 34 classes this spring. The co-op’s mission was to teach students about the importance of saving energy and empower them with ideas to help.

“My students were really excited about LED Lucy’s visit,” says Hope Taylor, a teacher at Elberta Elementary. “They were amazed to learn how much energy is wasted daily, and the simple things they can do to help conserve energy. The students enjoyed sharing ideas with LED Lucy.”

“We want these students to realize that even though they are young, they can do their part,” Frank says. “We try to share ideas that don’t require assistance from an adult or cost money, but that can have a positive impact in their own home as well as on a global level. LED Lucy is a wonderful resource to get that message across.”

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