Many Hands Make “Light” Work

Baldwin EMC CEO Karen Moore

Or maybe I should say, many hands make the lights come on.

If you’re a dedicated reader of Alabama Living, then you’re probably used to reading about the fuels that we use to generate the power that comes to your homes and businesses. What comes to mind? Coal? Natural gas? Renewable energy?

While all of those are key components to creating electricity, today I’d like to talk about a different kind of “fuel.” You see, Baldwin EMC is first and foremost a “people powered” organization.

Every time you turn on a light, plug your phone in to charge or run hot water, it’s made possible by the Baldwin EMC employees who came to work that day. And every day at Baldwin EMC, someone comes to work. Holidays, weekends, bad weather, beautiful weather – there’s always someone here working to make sure our members have the power they depend on.

When you think of that Baldwin EMC employee, what comes to mind? Maybe the member service clerk who took your application when you first signed up for service. Maybe the linemen who came to your house when you had an outage. Maybe the member service representative who was on the other end of the line when you called to pay your last bill.

These employees – linemen and member service clerks and representatives – can certainly be thought of as the faces and voices of the cooperative. But just like any well-functioning body, there are many more parts that contribute. Many are behind the scenes, not interacting with members, but still working to make sure the co-op is here for you.

Like the accounts payable clerk, who makes sure Baldwin EMC’s bills are being taken care of every day. We have due dates and deadlines just like our members.

Or the warehouseman, who stocks and restocks all the tools, supplies and equipment that our employees use to do their jobs.

Or the information technology administrator who’s seeing to the maintenance of Baldwin EMC’s computer equipment, including laptops, smart phones, printers and much more.

Or the human resources manager who works with supervisors to carry out the hiring process and add new people to our team.

Or the public relations specialist who designs the pages of the magazine in your hand at this very minute.

Every one of these people comes to work day in and day out with the mission of making sure Baldwin EMC is operating to the highest standards it can and providing the best possible service to our members.

You may never have the chance to meet them, but you can be sure they’re working for you.

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