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Every January, Baldwin EMC asks questions to find out our strengths and weaknesses as a cooperative. You may have participated in this survey in the past, or you might be called upon to take the survey some time this month.

Baldwin EMC has contracted an independent research agency to conduct a survey among members to find out their satisfaction with the cooperative. This survey is one of the most significant tools we have for identifying how our members are rating their experience with Baldwin EMC. By including questions that ask you to pinpoint areas where you would like to see improvements, the survey paints a picture for us. This picture shows us where we are on target and where we need to focus more attention. That knowledge helps create a road map for upcoming years.

“This annual member survey is one way we gain insight into our members’ wants and needs,” says Mark Ingram, Baldwin EMC’s vice president of corporate services and public relations. “As a cooperative, we have an obligation to listen to our members’ voices and respond accordingly. Our members deserve the best experience possible, and when we know what’s important to them, we can fine-tune the service we provide to better accommodate their needs and values.”

Calls for our 2018 member telephone survey will begin January 14. If you receive a phone call asking you to participate in Baldwin EMC’s member survey, please take a few minutes and offer your input. Your responses will be compiled with the feedback of the other participating members and reported back to Baldwin EMC.

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