Account FAQ

  • How do I find my account number?

    Your eight-digit account number is printed on every bill you receive from Baldwin EMC.

  • How do I access my account online?

    View and/or pay your bill online at Pay My Bill.

  • When is my bill due?

    Your bill is due upon receipt and is late approximately three weeks after your billing date.

  • When will my bill draft from my bank account?

    Your bill will draft approximately 16 days after the billing date of your bill.

  • What if I need to pay and don’t have my bill?

    You may pay online at any time without your account number once you have registered. You will need your account number to register the first time. You may also pay at any of our offices or call our member service center to pay by credit or debit card. To pay without your bill or account number you will need the name and billing address on the account. You may also pay online at Pay My Bill.

  • Can I come by the office?

    Yes, you can come by the office and you may pay your bill in person if you wish. View Office Locations and Hours.

  • Why is my bill so high?

    There are a number of factors that influence the total due on your power bill. Here are the first things to check:

    • What was your kilowatt use this time last year compared to this year? You can check last year’s use by accessing My Account.
    • Are the days of use the same? Are there more days between readings than on your previous bills?
    • Are there other charges beyond electric service on this bill? Have past-due amounts been added to the total?
    • Are there miscellaneous charges added to the bill? Any outdoor lighting or surge protection charges?
    • Have any of the large power users in your home been running more than normal? (For example, the air conditioner in hot weather, the heating system in cold weather, the water heater when you have extra dishes, laundry, baths and showers.)

    If you still have questions about your bill, contact a member service representative at (251) 989-6247 or (800) 837-3374.

  • Why am I being charged an additional deposit?

    Additional deposits are charged to existing accounts that have been cut off for non-payment in the last 12 months, bounced two checks in the last 12 months, or appeared on the cutoff list twice in the past 12 months. The Deposit Upgrade Policy prevents Baldwin EMC from having to raise the rates of members who maintain an acceptable payment history with the cooperative. For more information, please view the Deposit Upgrade Policy.

  • Can I pay my bill over the phone?

    Yes, you can pay your bill over the phone with your credit or debit card. Call our member service center between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Have your credit card and account number handy to speed the process.

    You may also use our 24-hour automated billing system at any time. You can check your balance and/or make payments by dialing (251) 989-0202 or (800) 342-2519.

  • Can I pay my bill online?

    You may pay online by credit, debit card or electronic check (direct debit from your checking account) at our Online Payment Center. You will need your account number to register the first time you view your account.

  • Can I view my account online?

    You may view your account online at My Account and view up to twelve months’ account history. You will need your account number to register the first time you view your account.

  • How do I sign up for Paperless Billing?

    Learn more and sign up for Paperless Billing.

  • How do I get to your office?

  • Why isn’t my account number working?

    Your account number is an eight-digit number and is printed on your bill. Look at the top of your bill in the center, underneath the Summary of Charges. IMPORTANT: Please omit the DASH (—) when entering your account number.

  • Can I change my bill/due date?

    Bill dates are determined by your meter location for efficiency in our meter reading operations. If the billing and due dates are inconvenient, you have the following options:

  • What is demand billing?