The “averaged” bill is an adjusted rolling average of your power bills over the past 13 months. It brings your highest bills down and the lowest bills up to nearly the same amount each month. While your bill won’t be exactly the same every month, it will usually be very close.

Start Anytime; End Anytime

Your averaged bill can start any month and end any time you choose.

Here’s How It Works

We average your actual use over the past 13 months, using a calculation developed by our financial services department. This averaged amount is automatically refigured every month to ensure a perpetual 13-month average. Taxes, outdoor lighting charges, contracts or other fees will be averaged in with your electric use, but they will still be itemized on your bill. Once a year (on your averaged billing anniversary date), we will send you a bill for your actual use plus any charges, or minus any credits accumulated during the year.

With the averaged bill, the meter is still read on the same schedule as in the past, and your bill is computed just like always. The bill still arrives in the mail to tell you how many kilowatt-hours were used and the total bill amount. Your averaged bill amount will be shown as the amount due on your bill.

To Qualify for Averaged Billing

To qualify for this service you must be a residential member and you must have had continuous service at your present location for a minimum of 12 months.

To continue to qualify for Averaged Billing, you must pay your bill promptly every month. If you receive a delinquent notice, you will be removed from the Average Billing payment plan. If your account becomes delinquent, the delinquent notice will reflect the entire current billing plus any prior billing amounts owed and any credits from over-payments from the Average Billing Plan. The entire amount will be due by the delinquent due date.

The averaged billing payment plan is not available for commercial accounts.

Get Started

Fill out the form below, or you can call us or come by one of our offices. If you request Averaged Billing, one of our member service representatives will call you back. Once you are approved, any current balance on your account the day you start the average billing payment plan is still due. Your averaged billing will begin with your next bill.

Averaged Billing

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