Recently Baldwin EMC mailed every member a form to update their contact information. The information on this page is the same as that information and it is not necessary for you to proceed if you have already returned that form.

Baldwin EMC respects your privacy and we are requesting an update on all phone numbers. We are updating our records because:

  • We want to provide the best possible member service
  • We want to protect your privacy
  • We don’t want to inconvenience you with unwanted calls

Unless you complete, sign and return the form below to Baldwin EMC, we WILL NO LONGER provide automated courtesy messages for the following after March 1, 2016:

  1. Planned or emergency outages
  2. Prepay Power low balance notifications
  3. Collections courtesy calls
  4. Billing courtesy calls
  5. Peak Busters notifications
  6. Scheduled maintenance notifications
  7. Other service related calls

Please print the form below and return it to Baldwin EMC.

IMPORTANT: We will not sell or release your phone numbers to anyone at any time. If you have any questions, please call us at (251) 989-6247.

Click here to download the form.

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