Operation Round Up Presents Star Light Awards

The Baldwin County Electric Membership Charitable Foundation presented Star Light Awards to 45 teachers and school faculty members in 2018. Each of the winners received a grant to help them bring innovative projects and programs to their schools.

The grants were made possible by Baldwin EMC’s Operation Round Up program, which collects money for charitable causes by rounding up participating members’ electric bills to the next highest dollar amount.

This is the eighth year that Star Light Awards have been presented. The Baldwin County Electric Membership Charitable Foundation Board, which oversees Operation Round Up, created the program in 2011 as a way to enrich learning at local schools.

Before being named a winner, each teacher or faculty member submitted an application describing his or her project for the board to review.

Star Light awards were presented to the following:

  • Christ the King: Lynn Williams
  • Christ the King: Rose Mary Mitchell
  • Christ the King: Barbara Hutson
  • CF Taylor Alternative School: Gail Filotel
  • Daphne Elementary School: Autumn Zellner
  • Daphne High School: Betsy Anderton
  • Daphne High School: Luke Stewart
  • Elberta Elementary School: Katie Hollingshead
  • Elsanor Elementary School: Victoria M. Pendley
  • Fairhope Intermediate School: Brittany Luckie
  • Fairhope High School: Cody Coleman
  • Fairhope High School: Steve Morisani, Jr.
  • Foley Elementary School: Michelle Gay
  • Foley Elementary School: Staci Mouchett
  • Foley Intermediate School: Ashleigh Bass
  • Foley High School: Terri Jean Smith
  • Foley High School: Bernadette Kyle and Chandler Dunaway
  • Gulf Shores Elementary School: Cassandra Pulliam
  • Gulf Shores Elementary School: Sara Altmyer
  • Gulf Shores High School: Krista Marcum and Lynn Lowell
  • Gulf Shores High School: Michelle McCann
  • Gulf Shores High School: Amanda Talantis
  • Gulf Shores High School: Jessica Sampley
  • Loxley Elementary School: Jacquelyn Wilson
  • Loxley Elementary School: Jessie Holder
  • North Baldwin Center for Technology: Scott Larson
  • Renaissance School of the Eastern Shore: Brittany Webber
  • Robertsdale Elementary School: Yonna Fogle
  • Robertsdale Elementary School: Marcia Agee-Pugh
  • Robertsdale High School: Larissa Goodrich
  • Rockwell Elementary School: Kristen Holder
  • Silverhill Elementary School: Nicole Hart, Sondra Dunn and Dallas Barber
  • Spanish Fort Middle School: Brooke Walsh
  • Spanish Fort High School: Jessica Jackson
  • St. Benedict School: Greg Tucker
  • St. Patrick’s School: Moira Flint
  • St. Patrick’s School: Kelly Cote
  • St. Patrick’s School: Deborah H. Brown
  • St. Patrick’s School: Jamie Koons
  • St. Patrick’s School: Natasha Pratt
  • St. Patrick’s School: Lisa Terrell

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