Our commitment to you

Baldwin EMC CEO Karen Moore

At the end of each October, families across the country pick out pumpkins and dress in costumes to prepare for trick-or-treats and fall festivities, officially marking the start of the holiday season. Here at Baldwin EMC, our celebrating starts early and spans the entire month as we join cooperatives from all sectors to celebrate National Co-op Month, and more importantly, what the co-op
model represents.

The theme for the 2017 National Cooperative Month is “Cooperatives Commit.” While we are, of course, committed to bringing you safe and reliable electricity to power your home or business, our very foundation is built on a commitment to so much more. Let me explain.

We’re committed to our community. While you may expect to see our crews changing out a pole on the highway or on a service call in your neighborhood, you shouldn’t be surprised to see one or more of our employees volunteering at a fundraising event or present at a community meeting. That’s because we’re not just here to serve our neighbors with electricity, but also with our time, attention and talents.

We’re committed to safety. When the power goes out, our goal is to restore it as safely and efficiently as possible. Safety is not just a measure we take every day, it is something our employees practice on a continual basis at work, at home and in the community. Safety is not just something we learn, it is something we live every day.

We’re committed to education. Our support for educational initiatives includes the Starlight Award program, in which local teachers may apply for grants to use towards new and innovative projects in their classrooms. It also includes three college scholarship opportunities to assist with expenses associated with higher education. Through opportunities like our Shining Star Student of the Month program for middle school students and Youth Tour for high school juniors, Baldwin EMC is dedicated to our involvement with our local schools.

We’re committed to you, our members. As part of a cooperative, our members are more than just customers, you’re owners of this local business. Our operating policies are determined by a seven-member Board of Trustees, which you elect, giving you democratic control over our operations. Our Board members serve to ensure your voice is heard, and we in turn serve to ensure your
needs are met.

A commitment is a pledge, a promise. This October, and always, Baldwin EMC’s promise to you is that we will work every day to provide the most reliable and affordable electricity possible and to improve the quality of life in our communities. We act like neighbors because we are neighbors. That’s the cooperative difference.