Our Roles and Responsibilities: Working with legislators near and far

Baldwin EMC Board of Trustees

As the democratically elected board for Baldwin EMC, it’s critically important for us to develop and cultivate relationships with legislators because they craft, introduce and vote on legislation that impacts the local business climate, environment and quality of life for our community.

That’s why we work closely with the elected officials who represent us both locally and on the national scene. Whether we’re hosting events with city council members, local mayors and representatives here at home, or traveling to Washington, D.C, to interact with those working for us on a larger scale, we’re taking every opportunity we can to speak up for the interests of this co-op and its members.

And as representatives of more than 60,000 Alabama residents, our voice is one that deserves attention.

Beyond just providing electricity for our members, Baldwin EMC is a local business that powers economic development and prosperity for our region. As a cooperative, we have deep roots here, and we’ve spent the past eight decades listening closely to our members to better understand the needs of the community.

Our leadership, board members and employees also live and work right here in the community we serve. So not only do we represent our members, we strive to be an advocate for our community, ensuring that local legislators know, understand and act on the issues that are important to our area.

As a practical matter, we recognize that most legislators vote on a wide range of issues. Their expertise may not include the changing energy industry, which is why Baldwin EMC provides guidance and expertise as subject matter experts who’ve been in the energy industry for many years.

Today’s energy landscape is an increasingly complex topic that encompasses everything from local infrastructure and national security, to technology, cybersecurity, the electrification of the transportation sector and so much more.

Our expertise provides balanced and thorough information to legislators, committees and staff. And because we’re involved in economic development and we know local community leaders, we can provide insight on how issues and policies under discussion might impact our region.

If there’s an issue brewing on the local or national political scene that deserves our attention, please let us know. We’re here to listen.

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