1. Go to your main electrical panel to see if a fuse has blown or a breaker has tripped. Fuses must be replaced while breakers need only be reset.
  2. If the problem is not in your main panel, call a neighbor to determine if other homes in the area have been affected.
  3. If the problem is not within your home, or several are involved, report an outage online, or via text or phone call to Baldwin EMC.
  4. Do not report an outage via email; our control system operators are not able to respond to individual outages by email. Please notify us by one of the methods below; we appreciate your cooperation and patience.


1. Text Outage to 85700
2. Select the address where the outage is located
3. You will receive a message confirming that your outage has been reported


Dial (251) 989-6247
or 1-800-837-3374
(24 hours a day) to report an outage.

To opt in for outage texting*:
1. Text Baldwin to 85700
2. Select your address
The number you text from must match one of the phone numbers on your account. If it doesn’t, please contact our member service department at (251) 989-6247.

*Standard text messaging rates will apply.

If all of our operators are busy, you can report the outage to our automated outage computer. You will be asked to enter the phone number of the location experiencing the outage. If this phone number is recognized by the computer, it will locate your account information for the system control operator to radio the emergency crew. If the number is not found, you may leave a voice message providing us with your name, a number where you can be reached, and your address. The information recorded by the automated outage computer is printed and issued to our system control operator on every call.

If your phone number is not on file in the computer, call us during business hours and ask us to update your telephone number in our outage system. You should give us the phone number at the physical location of your meter.

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