Patriotism in action

From the Board of Trustees

Perhaps no other day of the year evokes such a sense of patriotism than Independence Day. With red, white and blue bunting adorning porches and store fronts, marching bands performing in local parades, and breathtaking fireworks shows on display, it’s easy to feel a swell of pride for our country.

While the love and devotion we feel toward America is an emotion that culminates every fourth of July, the patriotic spirit is something we can experience every day of the year. We see it in a flag flying high against a blue sky, we hear it in the voice of a child reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and we sense it in the salute of a military soldier.

As a co-op, we believe patriotism is also defined through selfless acts of service toward one’s peers. In fact, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who signed the Rural Electrification Act that would initiate the creation of Baldwin EMC, was quoted as saying, “Our true destiny is not to be ministered unto but to minister to ourselves and to our fellow men.”

Community service – that is, neighbors helping neighbors – promotes a rich sense of connection and ensures that institutions thrive and communities remain vibrant and inviting placesto live, work and play. The identities of the hometowns that we know and love have been shaped from the care and goodwill of volunteers. These were folks like you and me, who showed up to lend a hand so that others could have a fighting chance during a not-so-fortunate time in their lives.

Commitment to the community is part of Baldwin EMC’s vision statement, and is also a platform that is practiced throughout the entire co-op. We partner with local organizations to host annual events including our blood drives, toy drive, and Pink Power cancer awareness campaign. Our employees are committed to helping out at community agencies like Habitat for Humanity, Prodisee Pantry and United Way on a regular basis. And, as your board members, each of us is involved in a variety of local community projects and causes. Our collective goal to work to assist our community stems not just from a sense of duty to Baldwin EMC, but from what we feel is our responsibility as American citizens.

Growing up, many of us remember a classmate each year being honored with a “Good Citizenship” award. And how better to signify those qualities of kindness, compassion and friendship, than with the admirable title of citizen?

Patriotism is exemplified in many ways, and can be practiced anytime, anywhere. This Independence Day, we hope you will embrace the local celebrations and look for opportunities to participate in your community through acts of service, kindness and citizenship, each and every day of the year.

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