Phone Scammers Continue to Find Creative Ways to Target Baldwin EMC Members

Baldwin EMC continues to receive numerous reports from members who say they have been contacted by someone claiming to represent the cooperative and demanding money with threats of turning off their power.

“We received a phone call just this morning from a member who reported receiving multiple calls from an ‘account specialist’ with BEMC,” says Baldwin EMC Vice President of Financial Services Alan Schott. “In this instance, the member holds multiple accounts and the scammer presented balances for each one, stating that the member was past due, even though his payments are made on an automatic bank draft. The member was instructed to come to a kiosk at a local drug store, and to call a number once he was outside the store so the party could then collect his payment. Fortunately, this member had the foresight to realize this was not a legitimate call, but said that under the circumstances, he intends to contact the police.”

As a reminder, while Baldwin EMC does use phone contacts to communicate with members, the cooperative will never demand payment over the phone. If you receive a phone call like this:

* Do not give out any personal information or agree to make any payments.

* Never make plans to meet the caller at a location that is not a Baldwin EMC office.

* End the call as quickly as possible.

* Report it to Baldwin EMC by calling (251) 989-6247 or (800) 837-3374.