Practice Caution When Using Portable Generators

Baldwin EMC urges those affected by power outages to please remember safety first when using portable generators to fill the gap in electrical service.

Never connect a portable generator to your home’s wiring system through a wall socket or electrical panel as this can create dangerous back feeding. Back feeding means electricity produced by the portable generator flows into the home’s wiring system, outward through the service drop and into the electrical distribution system. An unsuspecting utility worker or even a family member or neighbor could be electrocuted or seriously injured when they touch the energized line.

Appliance cords should be plugged directly into the portable generator’s outlet or the appliance can be connected to the generator using a heavy-duty extension cord. Also, generators should never be used inside as their exhaust contains carbon monoxide, a deadly gas.

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Baldwin EMC members can report power outages 24-hours a day, seven days a week by calling (251) 989-6247.

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