The following fees apply to Baldwin EMC members; to learn more about your specific security deposits and fees, choose whichever of the following options applies to you:

Residential Security Deposits and Fees
Commercial Security Deposits and Fees

Membership Fee

Each membership pays a $5.00 membership fee (one per member). If you disconnect all services with Baldwin EMC, this membership fee will be refunded.

Account Fees

The account fee is not a refundable deposit. It is a service fee to help cover the cost of setting up a new or additional account. If you are already a member and you apply for an additional account, you still pay an account fee.

The account fee for a meter set or transfer (existing meter) is $30.

The account fee for a new service (no meter at that location before) is $50.

Deposit Upgrade Policy

Baldwin EMC’s security deposits and fees eliminate the minimum deposit for members with an acceptable credit score and increase the deposit for new accounts without an acceptable credit score. Learn more about the Deposit Upgrade Policy.

Line Extension Fees

Line extension fees may apply for either overhead and underground new service construction. Our engineering department will notify you of the required fees.

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