Baldwin EMC joins utility providers across the nation in recognizing Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Since 2004, the President of the United States and Congress have declared October to be Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Cooperatives like Baldwin EMC take this as an opportunity to educate the members and communities we serve about the prevalence of crimes across the internet.

This year’s campaign theme, “See Yourself in Cyber,” was chosen by our nation’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to help internet and computer users realize that while cybersecurity is a complex topic, it’s ultimately about keeping people safe. And we all have a part to play.

For a co-op like Baldwin EMC, which uses everything from email, to phone calls to a smartphone app to connect with its members, promoting cybersecurity means creating awareness.

“Today, your private information is more valuable to thieves than the money in your wallet,” says Michael White, Baldwin EMC’s manager of information technology. “That’s why keeping cybersecurity in the forefront of your mind every time you access the internet is the key to not becoming a victim.”

White says strong, unique passwords and multi-factor log in credentials are the biggest safeguard against internet hackers.

Keeping software and apps up to date, installing a trusted antivirus program, and simply thinking before you click links or attachments in emails or webpage downloads can make a huge difference.

“Cyber criminals are here to stay, but when we all take a risk-based approach to our cyber behavior, we’re creating a safer internet for all,” White says.

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