Teachers of all kinds: you make a difference

CEO Karen Moore

Like many cooperatives across the country, Baldwin EMC’s workforce is in a period of transition. Many of our longest-tenured employees have reached their retirement dates, thereby creating openings for a new group of employees to join our team.

While we always try to select individuals whose job experience best matches the positions we have to offer, everyone comes to Baldwin EMC with much to learn about our operations, expectations and overall workplace culture.

I always find it so encouraging to see our seasoned employees teaching and guiding their newest team members. Whether they’re showing the mechanisms of a bucket truck, the best way to properly inventory equipment, the steps to processing payments, or how to do any of the many tasks that keep Baldwin EMC running smoothly, these “teaching” employees are giving those who are just starting out the ability and the confidence to do their jobs with pride.

Whether it was on the job or in the classroom, I feel confident that each one of us can think back to a teacher who impacted our lives in a way that we’ll never forget. Hopefully, you’re thinking of that teacher now – someone who made you believe in yourself or nurture a talent you didn’t know you had.

Teachers of all kinds have an opportunity to affect the future in ways that ripple further than they may ever truly realize. And this school year, as a global pandemic permeated into our everyday lives, teachers have had to adapt in unprecedented ways.

As you read through the pages of this month’s Alabama Living, you’ll see some of the ways Baldwin EMC partners with our local schoolteachers, through programs such as Shining Star Student of the Month and Operation Round Up’s Star Light Awards.

Our goal is to empower this influential group of people to build confidence in their students and create atmospheres where learning is fun, innovation is celebrated, and every student has the opportunity to shine.

So, whether you’ve taught someone how to read, how to drive, how to wire a transformer or anything in between, I salute you. The work you do matters more than you ever know. Thank you for doing it with such admirable dedication.

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