We hope to see you soon

Baldwin EMC Board of Trustees

Did you know every cooperative is required to conduct an Annual Meeting of the membership? The purpose is to hold the election for the board of directors, share important financial information, vote on other matters such as bylaw changes and of course give, away voting credits and door prizes!

But beyond the nuts and bolts of what we’re required to do, Baldwin EMC’s Annual Meeting is a community gathering where neighbors can meet new neighbors––or catch up with old acquaintances.

As we take more steps away from the shutdowns and closures prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic and return to the business of our lives, we must renew the value of face-to-face human connections. Very few organizations are uniquely positioned like Baldwin EMC to bring together all members of our local communities.

If you have not attended the Annual Meeting in the past or if it has been a few years, we urge you to take the time to be with your fellow co-op members in person, and take advantage of face-to-face interactions with the people behind the power – your elected board members and Baldwin EMC’s team of employees.

At the Annual Meeting, you’ll also be in the unique position of being among the first of our members to hear the outcome of board member and by-law amendment elections. Peggy Vanover Barnes, Baldwin EMC’s board president, and Karen Moore, Baldwin EMC’s chief executive officer, will give special addresses about the highlights and milestones of the year, and the future direction of the cooperative.

Not long after our Annual Meeting wraps up, we will host another community event, during which time we’ll welcome both members and non-members to make a difference in our community. Our Power of Giving drive will take place on November 10 at our Summerdale headquarters. We’ll be collecting blood donations for our local hospitals. If you aren’t able to donate blood, or you’d like an additional way to help, you can also bring in non-perishable food items to help stock the shelves at our local food banks and food pantries.

Both of these events, our Annual Meeting and our Power of Giving drive, are not just opportunities to make a difference for your cooperative and your community, but also to connect with your neighbors and your cooperative.

After all, Baldwin EMC is connected to you by more than just powerlines. We are your neighbors, too. We look forward to seeing you soon.