Wonderful Response to Baldwin EMC Emergency Blood Drive Could Save More Than 300 Lives

Local blood donors saved as many as 318 lives by giving blood during Baldwin EMC’s Spring Into Action drive on March 31 in Summerdale. The staff from LifeSouth Community Blood Center collected a total of 106 pints of blood, each of which can benefit as many as three people.

“As soon as we opened our doors at 8 a.m., we had a steady stream of donors coming in to make a difference,” says Mark Ingram, “We are always amazed at the generosity we see when we host our annual blood drives, and this year was no different. Because LifeSouth donations stay right here in our local area, each of the donors could potentially be helping their very own neighbors. It truly defines community service.”

Ingram adds that the beautiful weather was on the cooperative’s side on Thursday, and that a few enticing prizes donated by The Wharf in Orange Beach and OWA in Foley added to the positive spirit of the event. “We are so thankful for the donations made by The Wharf and OWA and are grateful for our partnerships with local businesses,” he says. “It’s always a great feeling when we can come together towards a good cause and, in this instance, help save lives.”

LifeSouth Regional Manager Jennifer Rulon says the organization was thrilled with the turnout at the event, as the need for blood donations is currently at a critical level. “There’s actually a national shortage in the blood supply due to the fact that a large portion of the population is traveling again, which can unfortunately lead to an increase in trauma with vehicular accidents,” Rulon says. “People are also now having those elective surgeries that were on hold for several months due to COVID-19, and that can sometimes require blood transfusions. We are so appreciative of everyone who showed up to donate at this event, and we ask others in the community to please consider rolling up your sleeve and saving a life. Just an hour of your time can really make a difference.”

If you missed the Spring Into Action event and would like to donate blood, appointments can be made by visiting lifesouth.org or by calling 1-800-795-2707.

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